Tuesday: 10K easy plus strength trainig

At work in the fitness center.

First, some erging to warmup and keep the aerobic base.  Goal is to run this right at the top of the UT2 band.  I want enough training stimulus to maintain blood volume but not enough to take away from the strength work coming next.

  • 10km
  • 10W x stroke rate
  • HR cap at 145
Workout Summary - media/20161115-140421-sled_2016-11-15T06-49-38ZEST.strokes.csv
Workout Details


I started at 190w and it felt pretty easy, so I upped it to 200w and rowed until I hit the HR cap.  Then I backed off to 190(ish) and played with pace and rate to try to keep my HR between 144 and 146.  It was good sweaty, easy fun.

Then I took about 10 minutes, went and grabbed my exercise bands and ab wheel and changed my shirt.  Now it was time for some strength work.

(weight in pounds)
45 x5
135 x6
185 x5 x5 x5
185 was a good weight.  I could have probably squeezed out another rep in each set.  I think I’ll push this slowly up to 3×8 at 185, and then up the weight.
Chin ups (red band on knee)
3 x 5
Next time I will do the first set unassisted
Standing press
45 x5
65 x6
75 x5 x6 x5
I need to work on form for this exercise.  I think I am arching my back too much.  Surprisingly hard for such light weights.
AB wheel roll outs (from knees)
3 x8
Oh my.  These were hard!  My calves were cramping up.
3 x10
I was very disappointed with how weak I felt in the push ups.  Might have been from the standing press, but I felt like I had no “pop”
Tomorrow:  Early flight to Texas.  Probably a rest day.

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