Tuesday: 5 x 1500

On the Upper Charles in Newton in my single

Weather:  Cold and stunningly beautiful.  There was frost on the dock, and the air temp was around 36F.  There was no wind at all at first.  Over the course of the session, a little bit of wind from the east started, but it was barely noticeable.

The river level was high because of all the rain we got over the weekend.  From the GPS data, it looks like the flow was a bit higher than usual (my calculation about 0.02 m/s)  This is about a second plus or minus on pace depending on whether you are heading up of down river.


  • Short warmup
  • 5 x 1500m / 5′ rest
    • rate: 26-28
    • pace: faster than 2:15
    • No HR cap.  Threshold intensity
  • Square blade rowing for cool down

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 11.15.22 AM.png

TCX data from RIM

Workout Summary - media/20161025-133204-77854o.csv
Workout Details

Speedcoach Data.  I sure do like the lower noise you get from the impeller.  I think the cal factor is still a little stingy.  The avg pace from GPS was 2:11.4.  From the Speedcoach it’s 2:12.3.

01235_|_1490_|_06:36_|_2:13.0_|_170___|_25.7_|_08.8_|_155___|_rep #1
03271_|_1491_|_06:32_|_2:11.3_|_180___|_27.6_|_08.3_|_162___|_rep #2
05366_|_1495_|_06:39_|_2:13.3_|_175___|_26.3_|_08.5_|_164___|_rep #3
07282_|_1487_|_06:33_|_2:12.1_|_180___|_27.5_|_08.3_|_166___|_rep #4
09242_|_1491_|_06:33_|_2:11.9_|_180___|_27.5_|_08.3_|_165___|_rep #5
10742_|_2876_|_17:04_|_2:58.0_|_310___|_18.2_|_09.3_|_132___|_sbr, cool down

07454_|_32:53_|_2:12.3_|_885___|_26.9_|_08.4_|_162___|_Main set
02044_|_14:16_|_3:29.3_|_242___|_17.0_|_08.4_|_131___|_rest meters
02876_|_17:04_|_2:58.0_|_310___|_18.2_|_09.3_|_132___|_cool down

I was delighted with this workout.  I was working hard, but I was never on the edge of failure.  I sifted through my journal and found that I did this workout on November 3rd of last year.  (Link)

That session last year was a bit of a miracle.  Everything went perfectly and I pushed it to the limit.  I managed an average split of 2:09.7.  Avg heart rate was 168.  Today, my avg pace was 2:11.4 (1.5 sec slower), but my avg heart rate was 162.  Taking into account the lack of threshold work that I have done in my single this year, I find it very encouraging that I am that close on pace, and in a better place in terms of aerobic fitness.

Tomorrow:  75′ steady state.  It’s gonna be cold again.  Predicted low around 32F.

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