Thursday: 4 x 20′ / 1′ rest

Last night I reviewed my schedule for today and realized that I had an all day offsite meeting that I was scheduled to attend today.  This made the logistics of doing an OTW session unworkable.  Also, last night I made arrangements to meet up with my doubles partner on Friday morning for a training session on Lake Quinsigamond.  I’m intending that to be an r24 Head Race Simulation type of session, so I changed today’s session from a hard, short interval session into an endurance session.


  • static erg at work
  • 4 x 20′
  • 1′ rest
  • rate: 19-20
  • power: 185W
  • HR cap: 157


Just like yesterday, this session was way, way harder than it should have been.  Compare it to the session that I did on Monday at exactly the same power.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 5.06.46 PM

I tried to respect the HR cap at 157, and dropped the power down to 180 about halfway through the third 20′ piece, and to 182 for the whole 4th piece.  It felt hard, but not all that hard, and I didn’t feel drained at the end.

Tomorrow:  5.5k @ r24 in a 2x on quinsig.

One annoying thing.  I did the session on painsled, but after I finished, there was nothing in the painsled log.  Good thing I had my wahoo fitness app as a backup, or else it would have been like I hadn’t worked out at all! 😉


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