Monday: 16K Steady State OTW

Up at 5:15am, having gotten very little sleep.  Gotta get back into this timezone somehow.

Off to Newton for my first OTW session since July 20th!  I decided that a steady state session to just get some meters in the boat.


  • row for about 80 minutes
  • short <1′ breaks at the turn arounds for a quick drink.
  • r20
  • pace target ~2:30
  • HR cap: 155

Weather was cloudy, 70F and 90% RH.  Another recipe for copious perspiration.  There was a light wind 2-4mph from the east.  This was roughly a head wind heading down river and tail wind going up river.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 1.15.09 PM

I used RIM today to see what’s happening with my stroke.  Here are plots of a few strokes with a light headwind (purple) and tailwind (yellow)

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 5.26.47 PM

Not much to see at these rates really.  At least it doesn’t look like I am lurging at the catch, like I used to do.

Heart rate was high and speed was slow, as I would expect after so long out of a boat.  I tried to easy up when my HR got above 155, but it got harder and harder as I went along to row that slowly.  Finally after about 12.5K, I decided to transition over to some form drills, so I finsihed with a few 500m sets of SBR and alternating SBR and feathered rowing.  This felt pretty good and I was happy that my balance seemed no worse for the layoff.

01087_|_2765_|_13:42_|_2:28.7_|_274___|_20.0_|_10.1_|_153___|_head wind
03852_|_3091_|_15:17_|_2:28.4_|_298___|_19.5_|_10.4_|_152___|_tail wind
06943_|_2698_|_13:48_|_2:33.4_|_273___|_19.8_|_09.9_|_154___|_head wind
09641_|_2890_|_14:33_|_2:31.1_|_282___|_19.4_|_10.2_|_152___|_tail wind

11444_|_57:21_|_2:30.3_|_1127___|_19.7_|_10.2_|_153___|_Main set
03407_|_18:21_|_2:41.6_|_330___|_18.0_|_10.3_|_148___|_cool down

So, not a bad return to the water.  Still working on endurance base.

Tomorrow:  4 x 2700’/4′ rest @ 24-26spm  (threshold)


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