Wednesday: Steady State & Technique

Weather: started sunny, then clouded up.  A bit of a breeze sprung up, seemingly from whatever direction I was trying to row.


  • 4 x 2700m / 1′ rest
  • rate: 20 spm
  • pace: 2:25
  • HR limit: 155 (top of UT1)

myimage (61)

00020_|_1040_|_05:12_|_2:30.1_|_110___|_21.1_|_09.5_|_128___|_dock to island
01051_|_2150_|_10:14_|_2:22.8_|_208___|_20.3_|_10.3_|_146___|_downstream piece
03201_|_0082_|_00:36_|_3:37.1_|_009___|_15.2_|_09.1_|_122___|_stop to talk to bruce
03283_|_0664_|_03:10_|_2:23.3_|_062___|_19.5_|_10.7_|_137___|_rest of downstream piece
04011_|_2811_|_13:44_|_2:26.6_|_271___|_19.7_|_10.4_|_149___|_upstream piece
06886_|_2754_|_13:34_|_2:27.8_|_274___|_20.2_|_10.1_|_150___|_downstream piece
09714_|_0286_|_01:26_|_2:30.5_|_028___|_19.5_|_10.2_|_141___|_started upstream, decided I’d had enough
10000_|_0051_|_00:22_|_3:38.6_|_005___|_13.5_|_10.2_|_115___|_thought about life

08665_|_42:09_|_2:25.9_|_843___|_20.0_|_10.3_|_147___|_Main set
00335_|_02:13_|_3:18.8_|_034___|_15.3_|_09.9_|_121___|_rest meters
03685_|_21:26_|_2:54.5_|_390___|_18.2_|_09.4_|_136___|_cool down

I was quite stiff and sore this morning when I woke up.  I think I dug deep enough in yesterday’s session that I was not fully recovered by 5:15AM today.  But, since I had a planned a low intensity endurance session today, I wasn’t too concerned about it.

I was on the water before 6:30 and basically jumped right into a rhythm at r20 as soon as I was clear of the dock.  I slowed down to go through the cut, and then got back up to speed for the roughly 3K down river.

I noticed that I was struggling to get anywhere near the paces that I was holding easily on Monday.  And stupidly, instead of just accepting that and rowing for form, I worked harder to try to hit the pace.  It made the session a bit of a grind.

When I got to the bridge, I caught up to a guy that launches from the same place I do and stopped for a quick chat.  He turned around to head upriver and I continued downriver another 1000m or so to the dam.

I turned to head upriver and again was having trouble holding my pace target.  I experimented a bit and at times, I was able to get long smooth strokes and a good pace without a ton of effort.  But it was spotty at best.  I definitely felt like focusing on holding a body forward position during the drive, and then opening my back was more efficient.  It was a little difficult to focus on that and at the same time keep my finishes early and crisp.  I have issues chewing gum and walking at the same time, apparently.

I spun at the upstream end and headed down to the dam again.  Grinding it out.  When I turned at the dam, I had every intention of just finishing up normally, but within about 500m, I was sick of it.  I was working hard and not going very fast.  It didn’t seem very productive, so a change of plan seemed like a good idea.

I decided to finish up with some technical rowing.  500m of square blades, 500m of alternating square and feathered, 500m of feathered rowing focused on balance.  Five 500m blocks brought me to the upstream end of the river, then I paddled back to the dock.

Thinking about it, since I pushed so hard yesterday, I probably should have done the whole session as a UT2, technique focused row.

Tomorrow:  Schedule calls for another threshold row.  4 x 2700 at r24-26