That will leave a mark.

I went to pick up my boat Friday evening to go rowing out in Worcester and I was greeted by this site.

2016-04-08 17.40.10

Yup, that’s a really big tree branch that has destroyed the bow of my boat.  We had a very windy and rainy day on Thursday, I assume the branch came down then and no one noticed during the day Friday.  I won’t be rowing that boat any time soon.  With all my talk about grit and resilience…this was a huge blow.  I cried when I saw it.

Now I get to have many conversations with insurance agents and see what happens.


9 thoughts on “That will leave a mark.

    • gregsmith01748 says:

      Another horrifying picture. I didn’t give the trees a second thought before. They are all at least 10 feet away from the rack. This particular tree must have had a vendetta because it dropped that branch very precisely to cause a lot of damage


  1. stelph82 says:

    Id agree with Sander, as fluids lack the “filler” of a honeycomb or the like it actually means they are easier to repair and return to original stiffness – I have seen fluids with significantly greater damage than that and been amazed how well it was patched back together so I wouldn’t be overly worried if the insurance only allows a repair rather than a replace

    Horrible to see however, hope it is sorted soon

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      • stelph82 says:

        The boat I had seen had been tossed around by the shipping company used to transport it to the UK (think they changed shipping after that) and the boat was completely shattered and in three parts – it was shipped back to the US and repaired and I got to see it again afterwards and honestly it looked like a new boat. Equally another at my club was sculled into a barge and the bow snapped off, after a third party repaired it I could only find the join when I looked really closely and even then it was only because I was looking for it, I’m sure gords repair will be even better

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