Monday: March CTC – 9 x 300 / 30″ rest

I haven’t done a speed session since my aborted 2K time trial 9 days ago.  Since then I have missed a bunch of days training due to illness and travel.  And even before that, my training was pretty disrupted for the two prior weeks.  Basically, I blew my chance to peak.

That brings us to today.  I did nice steady state sessions Saturday and Sunday, and today, it was back to my normal schedule.  Up at 5:15AM, and working out in the gym first thing.

With too little sleep and a short turn around time after my session yesterday afternoon, there were a couple more excuse codes that I can draw on for today’s session.

Looking at some of the early CTC results, it looked like folks could do it at 2K pace or maybe 2K – 2.  So, I was hoping that I could hold a 1:40 pace.

So, how did that work out for you Mr. Smith?  Not well….Not well at all. But we’ll get there in time.

I started with a fletcher warmup, which showed alarmingly high heart rates

Then in to the main event.  I went out trying to hold 1:40 in the first rep and it hurt.  A lot.  I was barely recovered by the start of the second rep, and blew up half way through.  I reset to a target of 1:43, just to get a score into the CTC.  The rest was uneventful, but quote taxing.

I was pretty well shattered after that.  I did a 2K cool down and staggered to the locker room.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.47.51 AM

I think I will give this one another try later this week, maybe on Thursday.  I think I can probably pull off a 1:41 or so given the right attitude.

Tomorrow:  3 x 20′ L4