Wednesday: Steady State + Pk Power


  • 3×20′
    • L4 format
    • 1′ rests
    • 10 – 10′ segments
  • Peak power
    • 10 x 10″ sprints
    • 1′ rests
    • Try to hit 700W

L4 Format


2016-01-20 08.29.54

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 3.59.08 PM

HR was a bit higher than I would have liked, but I felt good.  I didn’t bother with a lactate test.  I suspect t would have been right around a 2.0.

Then into peak power.  Today, I decided to do only 10 (versus 15 on Monday).  I’m still feeling my way along on these.  I hit better power today throughout compared to Monday.  (~680W vs ~640W).  Still lower than what I could hit by rating way up on slides.  I saw no significant decline in power across the 10 sprints.  I guess I’m not hitting them hard enough yet.  I’m getting a bit higher on rate, which is good practice.


After that, I did a quick 1K cool down and called it a day.

Tomorrow:  6 x 750 / 4′ rest.  Pace target: 1:42

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