Tuesday: 4 x 1K / 5′ rest

First short interval session of the mesocycle, and I was pretty excited.  I guess the proper term in a fitness related blog post is something along the lines of “ready to get after it!!!”


  • Fletcher warmup – 20′ (slightly modified)
  • 4 x 1K
    • 5 minute active rest
    • pace target: 1:44 (conservative with faster last, if possible)
    • rate: ~30
  • 2K “Happy Ending” cool down

Gotta say, it was nice rating up and taking some strokes around 2K race pace.  1:44 turned out to be a conservative choice.  The intervals started to bite, after the halfway point.  And as I got further into the intervals, I was digging a bit deeper, but it wasn’t a big struggle.  I decided to throw caution to the wind, and try to really nail the last rep.  I managed to do this one faster than a 1:40 pace, which was good to see.  With 3 reps in my legs, I could hold a split that would deliver a 6:40 2K.  I have a lot of work to do on sharpening, but I feel pretty good about this workout.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 6.51.47 PM

2016-01-19 07.27.34

Then, I put started to injected high energy music into my ears, setup the interval session, and off I went.  It looks like the tcx file cut off a bit before the end of the last interval.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 6.52.34 PM

2016-01-19 08.01.28

The last interval was hard enough that I finally felt that lactic rush.  I’d almost forgotten how intensely bad it feels.  Put it all together and the session average is 1:42.7.  A good target for the next time this rolls around.  I will also use it for the 6×750 coming on Thursday.

I just went and looked back at February of 2014, when I was getting ready for the CRASH-Bs.  I did the 4×1000 twice.  Once on January 28th, and again on February 3rd.  Here are the times.


So, these were obviously faster, but less disciplined than today.  I was also digging deeper. Look at the HRs in each rep.  This was also in the midst of a long term plan that included short sprints weekly, so my performance had begun to plateau.  I think it is heartening to be less than 2 seconds off these times, with better CV data in my first sprint session.

After that, I did a 2K cool down, starting at 2:00 splits and slowing down every 500m.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 6.53.12 PM

2016-01-19 08.11.07

Tomorrow:  3 x 20 / 1′ rest


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