Monday: 3 x 20′ L4 + PkPwr Sprints

Very little sleep last night.  Felt awful this morning.  Let myself start slow in the L4.


2016-01-18 08.35.28

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 2.17.42 PM

After I finished my hour, I transitioned over to start doing a variation of the Peak Power Training from Ed McNeely.  The session that Ed describes it to do 10 second sprints all out with 1 minute rests, and when your peak power in a sprint falls more than 10% below your best power, then you take a 5 minute rest and resume the 10 sec sprint and 1 minute rest sets with the same stoppage rule.

It’s been a while since I did my peak power test, and when I did it, it was on slides, so I didn’t have a stable baseline to measure my 10% drop from.   As hard as I tried today, I could not break through 700W for my peak power, but on slides in November, I was above 750W on a few strokes.

It was challenge to setup the 10 second sprints, since the shortest interval time you can program on a PM is 20 seconds.  I eventually did it as a “just row” with 10 second sprints and 50 second rests.  Next time I will set it up as 1:10 intervals.

I was also not seeing much in the way of a declining output power over the intervals, so I guess I was not trying hard enough.  I was also getting much better at them as I went along.  I got my first stroke power from around 180 to above 250, and felt a lot smoother in the later reps.  I’ll push the envelope more next time.

If nothing else, it was fun.  Laying down 15 sprints with peak splits faster than 1:25 was a nice change from grinding out long hard intervals.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 2.18.29 PM

Tomorrow:  A classic, the 4 x 1000 / 5′ rest.  I will start this conservatively at 1:45 pace and see how things go.


3 thoughts on “Monday: 3 x 20′ L4 + PkPwr Sprints

  1. Richard says:

    Concept 2 needs to allow for workout internals based on the number of strokes. Could then put power strokes in the middle of longer rows etc.

    Hopefully one of the new apps will allow programming of workouts along these lines.

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