Tuesday: 3 x 10′ / 5′ rest – Tough!

Felt a whole lot better today.  Good thing too, because I had a bitch of session on the agenda.


  • 3 x 10′ intervals
  • 5′ active rest
  • pace target: <1:50 (Last time, my paces were 1:49.2, 1:50.8 and 1:51.4, in that order for a painful, painful session with a 1:50.5 avg)
  • rate target: 26-28


Still challenged by the painsled tool flow.  So here’s the monitor pic.  The first rep was the warmup, and the last 3 were the work intervals.  I rowed through the rests with about 15 seconds for a drink in each.  I rowed through the last rest as a quick cool down.

2016-01-12 08.20.53

Pretty easy to work out that average…1:49.3.  Surprisingly, it felt just as hard as the 5K at 1:46.4.  Not sure why that is.

Here’s the view from Strava.  You can at least see the bursts in the warmup and the cool down profile.  Tough to get anything else from the picture though.  Not sure what the deal is with the speed.  I would have expected the power and speed to look identical, but they don’t.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 6.30.49 PM

Tomorrow:  4 x 20′ L4

Monday: 3 x 20′ / 1′ rest L4

Still working out the kinks of using Painsled.  The capture of information works great, and export to both Trainingpeaks and Strava works at a basic level, but I haven’t had time to make my spreadsheets work with the CSV export from the tool.

On Monday morning, I felt awful.  I didn’t sleep well and it was a short turn around time from my Sunday afternoon workout.  So, I didn’t have high expectations for the row.

It turned out just as unpleasant as I was expecting.

2016-01-11 08.18.36

Here’s the view from Strava after importing the TCX file from Painsled.  All the data is there, but I really like the way it’s presented from excel a lot better.  Easier to see where I am in HR zones, the pace is in useful units, the cadence scale is right and the rests are displayed correctly.  But at least it’s a picture!  I have sent feedback into the developer of Painsled about some TCX funniness and requesting a denser CSV format.  Once I get past this busy patch at work, I will start to deal with the ugly CSV format myself.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 2.43.27 PM