Tuesday PM: 30r18


  1. 30r18
  2. first 5′ at 165W, 5′ @ 170W, 5′ @ 175, 15′ @ 180W

Did not go to plan.  Very heavy legs from the morning session.  HR rose precipitiously as soon as I went to 175W.  Retreated back to 170W for the last 15 minutes.  Despite the very low power and HR right at 70% HRR, lactate reading at the end was 2.8mmol/l

Still no air movement and very humid in the gym.  I sweated up a storm, but I think the main issue was just fatigue from the morning.  So, an even slower start and a lower end power.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 6.05.13 PM

30:00.0, 18 spm, 7085m, 170.7W

Tomorrow morning:  4 x 500m at race pace.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday PM: 30r18

  1. stelph82 says:

    Interesting, personally I always make sure the aerobic session is the first workout I do that day so the days when I do second sessions are the ones where I am either doing weights or HIIT sessions where raising lactate is beneficial!

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    • gregsmith01748 says:

      My thought was to do the second session at a low enough intensity to help facilitate recovery from the first session. I don’t know if that’s sound logic or not. It’s also the way that fits in my schedule best. I have a big time block in the morning and a short one at the end of the work day.


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