Monday PM: 30r18

Today I started adding a second “easy” session on days when I have time.  The intent of these is to keep it very tame and just add some endurance meters.

I targeted 180W, which today was a bit too high.

30:00.0, 7220m, 18 spm, 180.7W, 2.1 mmol/l

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 5.45.27 PM

You can see that there was a linear rise in HR through the session and the end lactate was 2.1mmol/l, which is higher than what I would like to see.  In these sessions, I would be happier to see something around 1.5.

So, why was 180 no problem over the weekend but not today.

  • Over the weekend, it was not a second session in the same day
  • The temperature was lower on Saturday (65 vs 72)
  • I had good airflow on Saturday, not today
  • I was wearing a shirt today, not on Saturday
  • I started at 173W for the first 20 minutes on Saturday, my avg for the first 10 minutes was probably 184W.

Next time I do a 30r18.

  • Use a fan
  • Start at 165W for the first 5 minutes, then 170W for 5, then 175 for 5, then 180W for the last 15.

We’ll see what that yields.

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