4×20’/1’r at Crossfit Anaerobic (Oh the irony!)

No training yesterday, I was up before 5AM to catch a flight out to LAX.  Then into meetings for the rest of the day, and a very nice dinner at the Crow Bar.  They have a delightful slogan.


The place has about 50 beers on tap, mostly local and as far as I could tell, delicious.  They also have a “black label” burger, consisting entirely of ground ribeye and served on a brioche bun along with french fries, cooked in duck fat.

Needless to say, I definitely needed to hit the gym this morning.  So I toddled off Crossfit Anaerobic in Irvine, which was close enough for me to walk to from my hotel.

As usual, the folks there were very nice, the facility was clean and well equipped.  The erg I selected from a row of identical machines was smooth and well maintained.

Then it was time to settle in for my purely aerobic workout and crossfit anaerobic (There’s that irony).

Target power was 195W, and it felt nice and easy.  HR popped quickly up to about 145 and then very slowly drifted up from there.  It felt like the right power.

I was holding 195W through 19 minutes of the last interval, and decided to finish strong.  So, I upped the rate to 24 and held >300W for the last minute.

2015-04-14_13-06-37 2015-04-14_12-58-21

Tomorrow:  Flying back home, and hopefully getting in time to go for a row on my way home.

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