Wed PM: Windy 8K

I flew home from LA, which required me to get up at 4AM.  I arrived at Logan airport around 4pm, and decided that I really, really wanted to go for a row.  The weather indicated that the wind would be 15mph gusting to 25, but I figured that my sheltered little river would be OK.

I was mostly right.  There were some sections where the wind was so strong that I was just trying to hang on.  There were other sections, at the end of a longer exposed section where the waves and whitecaps were big enough to cause significant problems on recovery and wash over the deck of the boat.  But it was glorious nonetheless!  It was great to be out on a sunny day after being cooped up on a plane for 5 hours.

I worked a little too hard for a good quality steady state session, but it was good to get some rough water practice.

2015-04-16_18-53-35 2015-04-16_18-53-17

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