Norcal Crossfit – 20 x 2′ / 1′

Tuesday, August 28 – No Training

I flew out to San Jose on Monday night, and I was hoping to get a workout in on Tuesday morning, but I felt pretty lousy in the morning and decided to just shower and get into work early.

Wednesday, August 29 – 20 x 2′ / 1′

I was out of bed at 5:00AM and I drove over to Norcal Crossfit.  I was on an erg by 5:30.  The plan was to try out my new short interval workout.  Today’s version was basically an easier version of the 15×3′ workout that I’ve done for a long time.  That workout is 45 minutes of work and a total of 15 minutes of rest.  This one is 40 minutes of work and 20 minutes of rest.  The idea is to be able to push the pace a little harder and then match it the next time I do the 15×3′ version.  I was on a static erg.

No denying that the workout was tough, but I didn’t have any doubt that I was going to make it.  The erg had a weird startup glitch.  It didn’t seem to register the first stroke that I took and then the second would show an incredibly low split.  It made the average split start off really fast and then bleed down to the actual pace that I was doing.  My initial thought on pacing was 1:53, but as it turned out 1:50 was a better idea.


I enjoyed the workout.  I’m looking forward to doing it in my boat.

Tomorrow:  Back to NCFit.  A nice easy steady state 3 x 20′ session.


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