6/4 – 6/6: Finally back rowing!

Monday – 6/4 – Drills and Steady State

By Monday morning, I had normal range of movement and very little pain in my back.  I decided to do an easy session to test it out a little bit.

I have a new workout plan, but based on the long layoff that I had, I decided to take a week and focus mostly on steady state and drills to get back into the program and avoid risking injury or disappointment.

Today, the plan was to row for an hour and at each turn, stop and do about 10 reps of the King of the Mountain drill.  The longer than normal breaks between segments is me doing the drills.  Weird HR dropout during the second interval.

It was a grey and windy morning.  I was slow and my power values were really low.  I am wondering (hoping) if I have a calibration issue.

Workout Summary - media/20180604-1615230o.csv
Workout Details

Told you it was slow!

Tuesday – 6/5: Steady state and drills

Basically the same session as monday.  Pushed the pace a little bit harder.  Same deal, 10 reps of the KOM drill x 4 sets.  They are getting a bit easier as I do more of them.  The wind sprung up a bit in the last rep.  Headwind, of course!

          Workout Summary - media/20180605-1425220o.csv
Workout Details

Wednesday – 6/6: Starts

I had a 9:30 flight to San Diego, so I had a short time window for a row.  I decided to do a quick session just to start working on my starts.  I started with 5 stroke sets, and then as I got more comfortable, and my “hit rate” improved, I extended them to 10 strokes.

There was a bit of wind and a little bit of chop, but on my sheltered river, I can’t say it caused any of my problems.

The last start was pretty good.  15 strokes at 1:48 pace and 37 spm.

I made my flight with plenty of time.

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