Friday: 80′ of speedplay

Weather:  cloudy and blustery.  The wind was coming out of the north and the gusts were over 15mph.  This was a pretty nasty headwind in the straightest bits of the river.  There was even some chop at the ends of the straight sections.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 9.19.50 PM.png

I was eager to try to practice rowing well in under less than perfect conditions.  I wasnt sure how well I could rate up with the wind and chop. In general, I was able to, but I had a couple of very messy moments when I bashed a wave at the wrong moment.  I found that clean, early finishes were incredibly important to maintaining any kind of consistency in these conditions.  It felt great when I would finish well and keep my oars clear of the waves and get a nice catch in.  Much more stable and confident in those strokes.

Horrifyingly low power numbers.  (But gratifyingly consistent data!)

         Workout Summary - media/20180518-1310290o.csv
Workout Details
02|00191|00:50.0|02:10.8|183.9|25.2|150.9|158.0|09.1 - 1st burst into the wind
04|00225|01:00.0|02:13.1|205.7|27.3|158.7|167.0|08.2 - 2nd big gusts!
06|00253|01:04.0|02:06.6|195.2|27.9|152.3|161.0|08.5 - upstream/downwind
08|00255|01:03.0|02:03.7|202.3|28.7|162.1|167.0|08.4 - upstream/downwind
11|00190|00:48.0|02:06.3|212.4|29.7|162.4|168.0|08.0 - near disaster at the end of this one
13|00230|01:00.0|02:10.3|207.1|28.8|158.6|168.0|08.0 - wicked gusty
16|00227|00:57.0|02:05.6|197.3|29.7|156.8|164.0|08.1 - upstream/downwind
18|00248|01:04.0|02:09.0|195.9|29.0|158.8|164.0|08.0 - wind seemed to shift to a crosswind here
20|00141|00:36.0|02:07.5|218.4|29.6|147.4|158.0|08.0 - last one!

Tomorrow:  We are down on the cape now and it looks windy and nasty for tomorrow, so I will do my rate ladders on the erg.

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