Saturday: 4 x (3′ @ 24 + 3′ @ 28) / 6′ on slides

We are down on the cape.  We came down this weekend to get the house ready for next weekend when one of my sons and my daughter will be coming.  My tasks for the weekend were

  • Replace the exterior sensor for my weather station.  The storms this winter wore out the anemometer!
  • Put up shades in the guest rooms.  We have been getting complaints that the early morning sun is a bit bright for our late sleepers
  • Get a start on the repair of the stairs to the beach.  The ice this winter tore the bottom 16 feet of stairs away and pulled out the supports for landing at the top of that flight.

I managed to get through tasks 1 and 2, and replaced the supports for the landing, but then the rain started and I needed to give it up for the day.  I’ll do a bit more tomorrow.

Later in the afternoon, I did my erg session.  This is a tough session.

  • Session: 4 x 6’
  • Rest between: 6’
  • Rating/Pace:
    • 3’ @Cat IV pace: target SR 24
    • 3’ @ Cat III; target SR 28
  • Notes: Work on the rhythm of a strong leg drive combined with relaxation on the recovery. Follow through to the arms/body away position to complete each stroke and to set the body preparation for the next stroke before starting the slide. Hold your posture and head up as you fatigue.

I did it on slides in the basement.  It was really hard!  I was doing stuff like switching laundry during the long rests so the those chunks were really spotty.

I faded a lot more than I would have liked, but I have spent so little time on the erg, I have no idea what target paces would be right.  I spent more time focusing on posture and sequencing on the recovery, but I was still working really hard.

Tomorrow:  80′ of speed play, on the erg since there will be a 25 mph wind out of the SW.


Friday: 80′ of speedplay

Weather:  cloudy and blustery.  The wind was coming out of the north and the gusts were over 15mph.  This was a pretty nasty headwind in the straightest bits of the river.  There was even some chop at the ends of the straight sections.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 9.19.50 PM.png

I was eager to try to practice rowing well in under less than perfect conditions.  I wasnt sure how well I could rate up with the wind and chop. In general, I was able to, but I had a couple of very messy moments when I bashed a wave at the wrong moment.  I found that clean, early finishes were incredibly important to maintaining any kind of consistency in these conditions.  It felt great when I would finish well and keep my oars clear of the waves and get a nice catch in.  Much more stable and confident in those strokes.

Horrifyingly low power numbers.  (But gratifyingly consistent data!)

         Workout Summary - media/20180518-1310290o.csv
Workout Details
02|00191|00:50.0|02:10.8|183.9|25.2|150.9|158.0|09.1 - 1st burst into the wind
04|00225|01:00.0|02:13.1|205.7|27.3|158.7|167.0|08.2 - 2nd big gusts!
06|00253|01:04.0|02:06.6|195.2|27.9|152.3|161.0|08.5 - upstream/downwind
08|00255|01:03.0|02:03.7|202.3|28.7|162.1|167.0|08.4 - upstream/downwind
11|00190|00:48.0|02:06.3|212.4|29.7|162.4|168.0|08.0 - near disaster at the end of this one
13|00230|01:00.0|02:10.3|207.1|28.8|158.6|168.0|08.0 - wicked gusty
16|00227|00:57.0|02:05.6|197.3|29.7|156.8|164.0|08.1 - upstream/downwind
18|00248|01:04.0|02:09.0|195.9|29.0|158.8|164.0|08.0 - wind seemed to shift to a crosswind here
20|00141|00:36.0|02:07.5|218.4|29.6|147.4|158.0|08.0 - last one!

Tomorrow:  We are down on the cape now and it looks windy and nasty for tomorrow, so I will do my rate ladders on the erg.