10K Threshold

The original plan was to do another 30′ piece, but I was looking to change up the workout a little bit.  I wanted to challenge myself a bit more and frankly I like distance based pieces than time based ones.


  • 10K
  • Rate: 25-26
  • Pace: 1:56 (my 30 minutes was at 1:56.2)
  • Technique:  Keep your damn knees together
  • HR Limit: None

I did 10 minutes on the treadmill to warmup (15% grade, 3.1mph).

These rows are pretty brutal.  Just like the 30′ piece that I did last weekend, I started out trying to hold 1:55.  I lasted a bit longer today.  Out to around 5K versus 3K for the other piece.  I had a very brief crisis around the 7000 meter point.  I essentially pulled up for two strokes, and then thought better of it and took a minute or so at 2:00 pace.  Then pushed the pace slowly back toward target.  It was a pretty good save.

I did a slow 1K on the erg for a cool down.


        Workout Summary - media/20170929-1236080o.csv
Workout Details

Here is the whole workout from the polar OH1 sensor


I was curious about how this session compared to my 30′ piece.  So, I used the nady multicompare features in rowsandall to look.

  • Pace and power, you can see how I started both pieces at about the same pace, and then faded in the 30′ around 2500m.  Then you can see the crisis around 6300m in today’s piece.
  • I did a better job at keeping the stroke rate up today.
  • better HR response today.

Tomorrow:  I’ve got my new rigger for my boat.  I will mount it tonight and hopefully do a nice long and easy technical session tomorrow on Quinsig.


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