Even more rowing

I arrived home from Vegas around 9pm on Sept 13th.

Sept 14th: I worked from home because we are having some work done around the house and I needed to be there while the various tradesmen did their things.  Around 4 in the afternoon, they cleared out and I went for a quick run.  My intent was to do an erg session afterwards, but my wife came home while I was out running, so that part never happened.

It wasn’t much of a run, about 5km.  I ran the first 4.3km, then walked for about 5 inutes and then jogged home.

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 9.56.06 PM.png

September 15th:  The various projects that were supposed to conclude on Thursday, did not, in fact conclude on Thursday, so I needed to be home in the morning to supervise.  I needed to be at work in the afternoon, so I left them unattended.  A big mistake as it turned out because the work that was done on our heating system was done badly and will need to be redone.  Since I got to work late, I spent the rest of the day rushing around, and then in the evening my wife and I spent hours trying to track down the people responsible for messing up our heating system.  Ultimately we gave up and drove down to the Cape.  So, no training on Friday.

Saturday, September 16th.

On the way to the cape, we got a call from the heating system company.  They would have a technician at our house between 10 and 11 on Saturday morning.  Oh well, I was hoping for an easy coastal row on Saturday morning, but priorities must be maintained.  I headed back first thing the morning.  I was quite pleased to see that it was way to foggy to row anyway.

The technician showed up at 1:50pm, in other words, nearly 3 hours late.  And the work they did was just as bad as the work done on Friday.  It will all need to be done yet again on Monday.  The highlight was a slow and sweaty session that I did on the dynamic.

I’m taking a bit of a different strategy with the dynamic.  I have upped the drag a bit, setting it around 4 or so.  (drag factor 120). and I am keeping the stroke rate above 20.  I am also working very hard to keep my knees together at the catch, keep my chin up and limit the amount of layback.  It leads to a very different feeling strong.  Less long and smooth, but much easier on my lower back.

I was annoyed that I didn’t have my HR strap, so I just rowed to constant pace (2:10, ~160W).   In another strategy to limit the back strain, I rowed 15 minute pieces and 2 minutes rests, and I got off the erg and stretched during the rests.  This resulted in a reasonable intensity and a huge sweat fest in the humidity (Did I mention that the issues with the heating also effected the air conditioning?)

I was further annoyed when painsled hung up around 8 minutes into the second interval.  The PM kept going, but stopped talking to painsled for some reason.  It’s really a pretty unreliable connection.

Here’s the first 23 minutes of rowing.


        Workout Summary - media/20170916-2110320o.csv
Workout Details

Here’s the rest of it on the PM


Tomorrow: I hope to go for a row in the morning.  Nice and gentle.  Focus on good form.