A little bit more rowing

So, I was delighted to find that my back was not hurting more than usual this morning.  It might have even felt a little bit better.

I had a conference call from 7 to 8:30, and then I headed to the gym to squeeze in a workout before my flight home.

I am trying to keep in mind the warnings that I have read about injury risk first thing in the morning, and wanted to be careful about how much I do, so I decided to do a 15 minute treadmill death march as a warmup and then a 30 minute row.

As it turned out, after I finished my warmup, somebody else was actually using the rowing machine. :-O

I had to wait 7 minutes for them to finish flailing about ineffectually.  I also had to resist the urge to go offer coaching tips 😉

So, my time window was closing, but I still had 20 minutes.  I thought it might be good to do a toned down version of a Fletcher Warmup.  I’d do it at a slower pace, and focus on keeping my knees together.

The 15 minute death march (15% grade, 3mph) was the usual UT2 slog.  My HR was just hitting the top of the UT2 band as I was finishing up.

While I waited for the erg to free up, I puttered along on an elliptical trainer, trying to keep my HR in the UT2 zone.  So, tack on another 7 minutes or so of warmup.

Then the machine freed up, and I settled in for my fletcher.


I was doing it strapless, and I was pretty focused on both keeping my knees together, avoiding over compression at the catch, and avoiding too much layback at the finish.  Rowing that way really kind of limited how high a rate I could do to around 25 spm.

The other limiting factor was how hard it was!  I was gassed after the initial ramp up.  Way too gassed.  I have lost a lot of fitness over the past few weeks.  Oh well, it is what it is.  I have to take it slow and try to come back cleanly.

        Workout Summary - media/20170913-1150310o.csv
Workout Details

Tomorrow:  I think I will try to do another hybrid workout.  Probably a 30′ run/walk as a warmup and 30′ UT2 on the erg, keeping the stroke pressure low.

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