An easy 90 minutes on a grey morning.

Weather:  Overnight a front came through.  You can see the sharp change in the dew point around 4:30am, and then the spike in the wind around 6:30am.  Since this is vacation, I was blissfully asleep while this was going on.  I got up around 8:30.  It was really cloudy, but the rain seemed to have stopped.  I debated just doing an erg session, but it seemed so nice and flat out on the water. I decided on heading out for a nice long easy row.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 5.28.37 PM.png

Of course, it started raining again as soon I was outside loading my boat.  But I hung in and it stopped by the time I had driven over to the beach.  It was close to low tide, but there was maybe 6 inches more water today  than yesterday, so no trouble finding a channel out to deep water.

The plan was to do a nice easy row.  I wanted to do most of it as UT2, and it turned out that way.  It was one of those mornings where my HR was pretty stubbornly low.  I can never really figure out whether that’s because I don’t feel like working hard, or if it’s some kind of after effect of a hard session the day before.

I went out without a firm plan about where to go.  I ultimately decided to head out to Billingsgate Island, and then back up to Wellfleet inner harbor.  All together, it was about 16km.  I took one break, about 2 minutes when I got up to  the harbor.  Other than that, I just rowed.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 12.48.55 PM



Workout Summary - media/20170812-164441-Greg Smith 20170812 0922amo.csv
Workout Details
01|02600|14:57.7|02:52.6|000.0|18.5|123.6|138.0|09.4 - beach to buoy10
02|02700|15:24.7|02:51.2|000.0|19.5|139.3|143.0|09.0 - buoy10 to buoy8
03|03800|21:24.3|02:49.0|000.0|21.5|140.6|145.0|08.3 - buoy8 to buoy10
04|03100|17:26.6|02:48.8|000.0|21.3|139.6|145.0|08.3 - buoy8 to wellfleet
05|02365|13:35.2|02:52.3|000.0|21.6|140.7|144.0|08.0 - wellfleet to buoy11
06|01460|07:54.7|02:42.6|000.0|21.4|143.0|145.0|08.6 - buoy11 to beach

It was a bit choppy out between buoy10 and buoy8, but other than that, it was just tasty smooth water.  The tide was slack at the beginning, but by the time I did the last leg back from wellfleet, it was pretty strongly against me.

Tomorrow:  L3.  Probably open water.  I think I will do a row from the wellfleet breakwater out to buoy 8.  That will be 1.87+3.17+2.98 = 8.02km.  Roughly 40 minutes.  I will aim at a stroke rate of 24/25.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 5.52.50 PM


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