Thursday: 3 x 20’/2′ (mp, 10kp, hmp)

On Wednesday night I had a business dinner that went quite late, and I had an early meeting on Thursday, so no chance for an OTW session.

But, I managed to get stuff finished up by 5 and I had some time to do the session on the erg.

Plan:  Push it hard to see how I’m doing.

  • 3 x 20′ / 2′ rest
  • Target power
    • 1st:  mp (80 to 195).  Target 200W
    • 2nd: 10kp (210 to 225). Target 230W
    • 3rd: hmp (195 to 210). Target 215W
  • Nominal HR cap at 167.  But I planned to ignore that.

Well, I survived.  I went significantly over the cap.  The last 20 minutes were brutal.  The 20 minutes at 230W were pretty damn brutal too.

myimage (42).png

Workout Summary - media/20170608-2225210o.csv
Workout Details

So, I actually pushed another 3 watts beyond the targets.  I sure paid for it though.

It was good to dig the deep hole and keep plugging.  Whenever I race, I worry about blowing up and embarrassing myself.  These sessions where you slow down, but don’t give up are a pretty good way to show some grit for that kind of situation.

I will probably do a 20 minute warmup only a little later today.

Race plan for Saturday.  The race is 2 laps of a 4km closed course.

  • Aim at a rate of about 22-24 depending on wind and wave conditions
  • Focus on steering and rowing clean
  • Try to keep HR below 170 in the first lap.  That’ll be an early sign that I’m pushing too hard.
  • I have very little idea what kind of pace I can sustain.  Probably about a 2:30 pace, but that’s a total guess.

2 thoughts on “Thursday: 3 x 20’/2′ (mp, 10kp, hmp)

  1. gregsmith01748 says:

    I can’t use it for sprints, but in head races, it’s been reliably about 3 to 5 higher than my head race simulations once it is up above the UT1 range. It starts high, but comes back into alignment as I settle into the race.

    In this case, I am much more worried about going out too fast than not pushing myself hard enough, so I’m willing to live with the risk of that.


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