Tuesday: 4×15’/4′ (7′ @ 5kp, 8′ @ mp)

Monday:  I was tired and sore in the morning after my 3 hour row on Sunday.  I took an unplanned rest day.

Tuesday:  Hot!  75F at 6am.  Humid.  Light breeze, which increased from nothing to about 5mph over the course of the workout.  This was a cross/head wind coming up river.


  • 4 x 15′ intervals
    • 7′ at 5kp
    • 8′ at mp
  • 4 minute rests
  • Target power
    • 5kp: 197-210W
    • mp: 158-171W
  • Modifications:
    • To fit river length, shorten the 8′ intervals as needed

This was a good workout.  I was on the edge of failure in the last interval and the interval power came down in each rep, but I maintained good effective length throughout.

myimage (46)

So, I should have spent 28 minutes at or above 5kp.  Total was 26:20.

Interval detail shows that I missed the power targets (barely) in the last interval.  I think these are a bit harsh because the power is dramatically under reported in the turns to port.  (toward the oarlock side)  The power is over reported on turns to starboard, but I don’t think it’s as drastic.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Workout Summary - media/20170613-135530-Greg Smith 20170613 0639amo.csv
Workout Details

After the last 7 minute piece at 5kp, I “handled down” for a moment and then started back up again.  I kinda pushed the end of that bit really hard.

A few metrics for fun.

  • Power in the MP intervals.  Reasonably consistent, except for the handle down at the beginning of the fourth one.
  • Power in the 5kp intervals, shows a slow fade as I fatigue
  • Power and WPS vs stroke rate.  Shows a consistent WPS between r20 and r24.  Also shows a bit tighter grouping of stroke rate at the higher rate too.
  • Drive length and effective length are both reasonably consistent across the whole row.  I was really focused on that today and I think it was a good thing to do.

I was really spent after the last piece.  I consumed an entire 1 liter bottle of water during the row.  For the cool down, I rowed with feet out about 1km back to the dock.  Maybe it was just fatigue and oxygen deprivation, but I felt like my finishes were beautiful!

Tomorrow: I have an appointment at 7 tomorrow morning, so i will have try to squeeze in an erg session sometime during the day.

M2 4 x 20′ / 2′ MP, 10KP, HMP, MP 90.0% (167)