Monday: 4 x 15′ / 4′ (6′ @ 5kp, 9′ @ mp) – cut short due to time

Weather:  Lousy.  Low 50sF.  Steady rain.

I decided that it would be best to do my session inside, so I drove to work and headed to the fitness center.


  • 4×15′ / 4′ rest
  • 6′ at 5kp, 9′ at mp
    • 5kp target: 250W
    • mp target: 203W

I was very happy with how this workout went when I did it last weekend, and I was a little worried that it was a fluke.  Today would test the theory by trying to hold the same power.

To make a long story short.  It was fine.  Roughly the same HR response, Basically the same RPE.  I ran out of time after the last 6 minute segment, so I dug deep and pushed hard through the end of that segment.  I paddled for a couple minutes into the last interval to cool down.

I have to say that I like being able to stop a workout without finishing it.  In the rowpro days, I would have lost all my precious data if I had done that.

One other side note.  I have done about 5 or 6 sessions with the polar H7 and the PM5 on 3 different ergs and I haven’t had any issues with hangups or crashes.  I might give painsled another try with the H7.  I think my problems were related to the Tickr.

Otherwise, not much to report.

myimage (36)

Here is the workout compared to the one two weekends ago.

I’m heading to the airport in the afternoon for a quick trip to San Jose.  I will be coming back on the Tuesday night red eye.

Tomorrow:  rest day.

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