3 x 20′ / 2′ (mp, 10kp, hmp)

I didn’t sleep too well.  I had a conference call that went until 10:45 last night which was still on my mind when I went to sleep.

I woke up before my alarm, but I felt pretty tired.  Both sore from yesterday’s session and just plain tired.

I got to work around 6:15am, and ended up responding to email until nearly 8:00, then I headed to the gym.


7-Mar M2 3 x 20′ / 2′ MP, 10KP, HMP 90.0% (167)

I decided to push the envelope on target power.  These are 5W above the top of the bands I started with.

  • mp: 200W
  • 10kp: 230W
  • hmp: 215W

The session was hard!  Well, the first 20 minutes was easy.  The second was hard, and the third was just annoying.  Too hard to recover much, but not hard enough to provoke a crisis.


Workout Summary - media/Import_29074482.csv
Workout Details

I did this workout 3 weeks ago on 2/14.  Today’s session was way better

  • ~10W Higher power today in each segment (201 vs 192, 231 vs 221, 216 vs 205)
  • Lower HR, 173 vs 176 peak
  • roughly the same stroke rate

This looks like progress to me.

Tomorrow:  Plan calls for a rest day, but I think I will do an endurance session.  I will be flying out to San Diego in the afternoon and I’m not sure what training I can do on the road.

2 x 45′ / 4’30” MP or slower 80.0% (149)


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