Knee Injury

Time to time, when I start an erg session, I get a popping sensation in my right knee at the catch.  It isn’t painful, although it is noticeable and a bit alarming.  I never really gave it much thought.

Then on Thanksgiving night, when I was getting ready for bed, I was pulling my leg out of my pants and I had my right leg flexed.  I gave my foot a bit of a wiggle to get it free from the pant leg and I got this enormous shooting pain along the side of my leg, radiating from my knee.  It was very painful to bear any weight on my leg and couldn’t straighten it all the way out.   I struggled through the rest of my bedtime routine, took some ibuprofen and tried to find a comfortable position.

The next morning, it was far better.  It was stiff and did not want to be flexed, but I was able to walk on it.  I took a quick trip to the drugstore and bought a knee brace.  I thought I would stabilize it and it would get better.  That lasted through breakfast.  At the end of breakfast, I bent my leg under me to get up and I got the shooting pain again, and again it was very tough to bear weight on it.  Resting it for a couple hours (in the car on the way back from Vermont) let it relax and become pain free again.

Until bedtime, when I twinged it again, which set me up for a relatively restless night and it was quite painful this morning.

I’m planning to call the orthopedist on Monday, until then, I think I’ll be taking it easy.

I’m very unhappy.

7 thoughts on “Knee Injury

  1. Andrew McLaughlin says:

    Ughh sorry to hear this. You’re definitely right to take it easy. Hopefully with some rest and an appointment with your orthopedist it will clear up quickly. It’s tempting to try and hurry back, but that often just makes the road to recovery longer. Good luck!

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