Monday PM: 40′ L4

Towards the end of the day, I was still feeling a bit unsatisfied by the interrupted morning session.  It provided some HIT, but not nearly as much active time as I had hoped.  I decided to do a shortish L4 session.

Of course I was not entirely prepared to do an erg session at work.  I puyt back on my sweaty clothes from the morning, and rowed in socks, since my sneakers were at home, but it was a wonderful session.  I felt strong.


  • L4 format
  • Start at 16spm and 160w and work up to target power over the first 10 minutes.
  • target power 185.  I figured that I would do alternating 2′ sections of 180W and 190W
  • HR cap of 150

SO, I started with 2′ at r16, then 2′ at r17, then r18, then r19.  I was just barely nudging up into the UT2 HR zone, so I pushed on to r20 and 200W for 2 minutes.  The next 10 minutes I flipped back and forth between r19 and r20.  My HR went up into the UT1 zone around the 20 minute mark and I decided to back off the power a bit, so I changed the middle 2 minutes down to a r18 (180W), and my HR came down nicely.  So, for the rest of the workout, I just cycled between r18,r19, and r20.


It was a wonderful workout.  I enjoyed every minute of it.

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