Tuesday: 75′ steady state OTW

Weather:  warm, humid.  A bit misty.  A light, shifty wind always seemed to be a headwind.


  • 4 x ~3K + 1K wu and 1k cd
  • 1′ rest
  • first 2 segments at r18
  • last 2 segments at r20
  • HR cap at 155

Another session where things just didn’t seem to go very well.  I tried to ignore  pace and focus on my posture and technique, but the pace that I was ignoring just seemed to get slower and slower.

Tomorrow:  Threshold session in a 2x with Joe out at Lake Quinsigamond.  The goal will be to practice turns under pressure and get our technique more together at r26.

My idea is a few sets of figure eights.  If we start at the beach and finish at the beach, they will be 2.5km long.  If we start at the island, they will be 2k long.  I’m thinking a 4x2k might be a good choice.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday: 75′ steady state OTW

  1. sanderroosendaal says:

    Actually, I had the same idea. Instead of my usual 2 lakes = 2x3km, I plan a different approach for tomorrow. Row up the river and do 3km of windy river + 3km of lake (straight). Train turns at head race pace including mirror use, and get to do a full 6k without turn.

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