Tuesday: 60′ Threshold

Again in the fitness center.


  • 10km
  • Treadmill at 2% grade
  • Pace at 9.0 km/h

The idea was to mimic a hard 60′ erg session.  Typical my HR will rise slowly through these types of workouts and finish up in the low 170s.  I was having all kinds of HR sensor troubles today.  Not sure why.  I thought it was just a contact issue since it seemed to get better when I would reposition the strap on my chest, but eventually, around 55′, the whole wahoo fitness app crashed on me.  When I restarted it, it seemed like the readings were much better behaved, so maybe the app was just in a unhappy state before it died.  I think the high HRs recorded are accurate and the low ones are erroneous.   The red line is my best guess as to what the HR was actually doing.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 7.57.40 AM.png

I was starting to really struggle in the last 15 minutes, and at 60′, with about 1000m to go, I needed to back off the pace.  I slowed down to 8mph and that took a lot of the pressure off.

The training effect was basically what I was looking for.  Push HR up into the TR zone in the last third of the workout and work on just grinding it out.

Tomorrow:  Long and slow.  I will probably do a fitness center triathlon.  4 x 20′ / 1′ rests with a HR cap of 150.

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