Saturday: 3 x 20′ / 1’30” rest (with lactate)

My wife and I went to see Weezer outdoors at the Xfinity Center last night.  Aside from a terrible warmup band, and a massive thunderstorm that pushed through right before they went on stage, it was a very fun night.  We didn’t get home until nearly midnight, so I opted for sleep instead of rowing this morning.

I slept like a log and woke up around 9:30.  After various chores and errands, I decided to keep things ticking over with another easy erg session.  I’ll hit the time trial hard tomorrow on Quinsig.

Today, I wanted to turn down the power a bit to see if I could hit the endurance sweet spot.  Very little HR drift, end HR below 155, and a lactate below 2.0mmol/l.  I set up my meter, wet and dry towels and test strips.  As Eminem would say…”It’s back to the lab again”.


  • 3 x 20′
  • 1:30 rests to accommodate lactate testing with minimal panic
  • target power: 185W
  • target rate: 19spm
  • HR limit: 155
  • Lactate tests after each 20′ piece.

Lactate test results were:

  • 20′: 1.8 mmol/l
  • 40′: 2.1 mmol/l
  • 60′: 1.9 mmol/l

So that is the difference that 6 watts makes.

Tomorrow:  1k TT, plus starts, plus some other sprint pieces.

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