Tuesday: 8 x 500 / 3′ rest

Light rain when I arrived, but it cleared and it was sunny by the time I was on the water.  Flat calm at first, but a light wind sprung up from the SSW around rep #4.  This was a head wind for reps 5 and 7 and a tail wind for reps 6 and 8.  The wind was quite variable and it seemed strongest during rep #5, but only around 4 or 5 mph.


  • Shortish warmup including 10 stroke bursts up to 30 spm
  • 8 x 500m intervals
  • 3′ rests
  • Rolling starts
  • Rate: 24,26,28,30,30,28,26,24
  • Pace: Whatever I can manage
  • Technique:  Work on keeping strokes long and light at higher rates.  Smooth and steady recovery.  Do not accelerate on the slide toward the catch.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 12.02.05 PM

I started with a warm up, just paddling until I went through the cut and past the little island.  Then I did 10 on / 10 off at increasing rates until I was at the end of the straight 1K stretch.

I turned around, set up crewnerd for a 500m/3′ rest interval session.  I really like the increasing stroke rate format.  I don’t think it has as good of a training effect, but varying the stroke makes it easier to face the workout and it does give me a chance to work on technique at head race rates.  Nothing too dramatic happened in any of the intervals.  I was pretty tired by the time I was doing the last 3, but I managed to turn in a good effort on the last one at r24.

After I finished the intervals, I was at the far end of the 1K straight.  I took my feet out of the shoes and rowed back to the dock, trying to clean up my finishes.


Headwind effect the time for the 5 interval (#9) and the 7th (#13).

myimage (9)

Later this afternoon, I am flying out to Phoenix.  I will be running or hitting the fitness center on Wednesday and Thursday.

By the way, since I’ll be getting my boat back this week while I’m away, I thought I should post a picture of the lovely old Peinert I’ve been rowing.



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