Friday: Steady State R18

Cloudy, very light wind, maybe 2mph.  Flat water.  Around 65F.  A wonderful morning to be on the river.  Didn’t see another soul the whole time I was out there.

I originally planned to do a hard session (6x1K), but I was a bit stiff from my run, and not really in the mood to push so hard today, so I decided to stick with the steady state and work on technique and efficiency.  I think it was a good call.  I loved every minute of it, and I felt like I spent enough time that I could get a feel for what made me faster (Really getting out at the catch, smoothly increasing power on the drive – versus really hitting that catch hard, and finishing “early” and getting my oars out very cleanly) and what slowed me down (holding the oars in the water too long was the main sin, but getting lazy about getting a good long reach was also a transgression).

Tomorrow:  The 6x1K I didn’t do today, and then go and buy a boat.