Thursday: 3 x 20′ / 1′ L4

Wednesday:  after getting home around 12:30, I skipped the gym in the morning.  I was hoping to sneak in a workout later in the day, but things got pretty hectic and it was 6:30PM by the time I looked at my watch.  So, it turned into a rest day.  But, I was due.  I had managed to get sessions in every day for the past 7 days.

Today:  In the gym, normal steady state session.  On slides.  Repeating sequences of 4/3/2/1 at 18/19/20/21 spm.  On a static erg, I do these at 10W * stroke rate.  On slides, I scale back by 10 watts, so 18spm is 170W, and so on.

My legs were hurting a bit from my 10K run on Tuesday.  But it didn’t seem to effect anything.

Tomorrow:  OTW, steady state and technique.

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