Sunday: 4 x 20′ / 1′ L4

Nice and easy.  8 x 4’/3’/2’/1′

At home.  Static erg around 5 in the afternoon.  Cool and rainy outside with all the windows open.


Tomorrow:  I am flying off to LA for a quick one day trip.  Before I leave though, I have offered the use of a beautiful old Peinert single by a very nice gentleman that also rows out of the same facility that I do.  It will be my first outing of the season in a single.  I plan on a very easy technique oriented session.  Mostly I’m looking forward to being on the water.



Saturday: 4 x 2K / 4′ rest

At home.  Static erg.  Over cooked the first rep and never really recovered.  Hung in there at progressively slower paces, and finished the set, but at very high heart rates and by digging very deep.

Glad I finished.  Depressed I was that slow.

No rowing on the lake this weekend because of some big collegiate racing going on.  Today it was the NERC, which is the New England championships.  Tomorrow is the Women’s Eastern Sprints, which is for bigger schools.  We lend out our boathouse to some crews and there are tents set up all around so it’s impossible to get to our boats.

Tomorrow:  Recovery row.  Something easy.