Saturday: 5700m Threshold on Lake Quinsigamond

Cloudy, nice temp, mid 60s.  Wind from the North at 8 to 10 mph.  I rowed the main piece with this as a tail wind.  Water conditions were nice for the first 1000m, then choppy for the next 3000m, then it smoothed out at the south end of the lake.  It was rough enough that I had some trouble maintaining stroke length.

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 7.57.11 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 7.56.53 PM

03000_|_5700_|_25:11_|_2:12.6_|_645___|_25.6_|_08.8_|_171___|_5.7km threshold
08700_|_3780_|_21:51_|_2:53.4_|_432___|_19.8_|_08.8_|_144___|_sbr, sru, r20


I went out with great exuberance and with the tail wind I had no trouble holding under 2:10 over the first 2k or so.  By then the chop had built up and I was struggling to keep my oars off the water on recovery.  After I passed the bridge I was waked pretty hard by a waterskiing boat that was pulling someone on a wake board slowly enough that the boat wasn’t even planing.  The wake was huge and stopped me cold.  I recovered from that and went another 700m or so, and got waked by another waterskier, but this time it was a bit further away and a bit easier to row through.

From there, I was down around the islands and the water was getting better.  I tried to push the pace a bit more, but I was pretty tired out.  I had enough lake to get 5700m done.  Final split was 2:12.6, which is the fastest I’ve done the lake, but it was quite a tail wind.  I would have hoped with that kind of a boost, I could have held it down around 2:10, but I guess I’m not quite that fit.

Tomorrow:  Rest day.

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