Monday: Steady State – R18 – Back on the water!

Sunny, Hot and Humid.  Wind from the SSW at 6 to 8 mph.  Headwind going upriver.

The Plan for today was supposed to be rate ladders.  But I wanted to ease into it a bit more gently, so I switched for Wednesday’s 4 x 3K steady state session.  I also lowered the target stroke rate from 20 to 18 so I could get used to being back in the boat after a 10 day absence.  I wanted to keep the pace faster than 2:30, and I rowed with a hard HR cap at 155.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 3.46.27 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 3.46.12 PM

00960_|_2900_|_13:56_|_2:24.1_|_255___|_18.3_|_11.4_|_140___|_tail wind
03920_|_2900_|_14:17_|_2:27.7_|_269___|_18.8_|_10.8_|_147___|_head wind
06920_|_2840_|_13:41_|_2:24.6_|_258___|_18.9_|_11.0_|_149___|_tail wind
09860_|_2980_|_15:01_|_2:31.2_|_283___|_18.8_|_10.5_|_152___|_head wind
12840_|_0980_|_05:24_|_2:45.4_|_109___|_20.2_|_09.0_|_145___|_cool down

11620_|_56:55_|_2:27.0_|_1065___|_18.7_|_10.9_|_147___|_Main set
00260_|_01:29_|_2:50.6_|_023___|_15.6_|_11.3_|_122___|_rest meters
00980_|_05:24_|_2:45.4_|_109___|_20.2_|_09.0_|_145___|_cool down

Mission accomplished.  The wind seemed a bit fresher during the last up river leg, but maybe that was just me getting tired.

Tomorrow: 5×1500/5′ rest @ r26.  Target Pace: faster than 2:15.