Friday: 16K Steady state on the HOCR course

Weather:  Overcast, warm, humid.  Light wind from the east that was generally a head wind down river.  Around 3K from the end, it started raining, then it started raining hard, then it rained yet harder.  As I was pulling into the ramp to pull my boat, I saw flash of lighting and heard a first rumble of thunder.  Perfect timing!  I was soaked and happy.


  1.  Steady State
  2. r18 to r20
  3. pace: ~ 2:30
  4. HR limit: 157

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 9.54.24 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 10.16.12 AM Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 10.16.27 AM

I launched from the public ramp adjacent to Community Rowing in Brighton.  I felt much more comfortable with the ramp launch this time.  The main challenge is putting socks on damp feet without flipping over!  It took a little patience but I’m getting used to the process.

I started with a little bit of arms only rowing, then arms and body, then half slide.  This all was over the first 1000m or so.  Then I carefully made my way around the shallows that trapped me last time.  I was rowing in the same direction as a 4+ and they were doing pieces.  So, they would pass me, and then paddle, and I would pass them, then they would pass me.  This continued through the first broad turn to the Northeastern boathouse.  I was scolded to not hugging the boston shore closely enough and pushing them out toward to middle of the river.  I guess this was a useful steering lesson, but made me feel like a noob.

Eventually they turned into the the CBC docks and I continued.  There was tons of traffic on the river, most of it was going up river.  But is very nice to row with company, and it certainly keeps you alert.  It also encourages rowing with good form.  It seems like there is always someone rowing with beautiful technique nearby.

I rowed around the big turn that starts before the eliot bridge at the Newell Boathouse and goes all the way to the Anderson Bridge.  This turn requires that you row with good form, but slightly higher pressure on port to keep slowly turning and maintain consistent distance from the Boston shore.  The river bends the other direction through the Anderson bridge and then hooks back to go through the Weeks Footbridge.

Beyond that is the powerhouse stretch, which is basically straight for 1500m.  Then finally a broad turn to the BU bridge.  Today I rowed about 800m past the bridge and then turned for home.

I turned for home and merged into single traffic heading up river.  There were two boats ahead of me, and one boat about 50m behind.  I felt compelled to stay at least that far ahead of him as we rowed up stream.  So, that pushed my HR a bit higher than I would have liked.  Not a lot higher, and I felt happy and not over taxed, so I wasn’t very worried about it.

As I rowed upstream, I started to count strokes between landmarks.  It really struck me how far it is from the Eliot Bridge to the finish.  When I have watched the race, it seems like the Eliot bridge is close to the finish, but there is about 4 minutes of hard rowing around a big turn.  I imagine that this is going to hurt.

As I finished the course, the rain started and got quite heavy.  It was good to see other singles sculling in the rain.  I toned things down by doing 500m on the square, and then about 1000m with slow roll ups focusing on form and trying to keep my blades off the water.  I was not all that successful.  Then when I was in front of the CRI docks, I increased the pressure and continued to do slow roll ups with perfect form to try to look impressive as I passed.  I suspect that I didn’t succeed, but it was worth the effort.

00500_|_7520_|_37:17_|_2:28.8_|_725___|_19.4_|_10.4_|_156___|_down river
08020_|_0200_|_01:15_|_3:06.5_|_025___|_20.1_|_08.0_|_141___|_crossing over
08220_|_6440_|_32:15_|_2:30.2_|_669___|_20.7_|_09.6_|_159___|_up river
14660_|_1680_|_09:11_|_2:43.9_|_191___|_20.8_|_08.8_|_151___|_sbr, sru

13960_|_09:33_|_2:29.4_|_1394___|_20.0_|_10.0_|_157___|_Main set
00200_|_01:15_|_3:06.5_|_025___|_20.1_|_08.0_|_141___|_rest meters
01680_|_09:11_|_2:43.9_|_191___|_20.8_|_08.8_|_151___|_cool down

I like rowing this course on Fridays.  It is a really nice way to finish the week.

Tomorrow:  Hard 5.5km on Lake Quinsigamond

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