Waterfall – 3K / 2.5K / 2K, 5′ rest – dug deep for this one

This workout is one of the wolverine plan classics.  Also included in the Pete Plan.  Pacing for me is usually a bit slower than the other long interval sessions.  I figured that since I did a 6K at 1:48 pace last Saturday, that 1:48 would be a safe pick for pacing on this workout.  Turns out it was a bit more of a stretch than I expected.

I started out with a 20′ steady state piece, to warmup and take a lactate reading.  I was aiming at 185W but the first half got away from me a little bit and I found myself aat an avg of 190W with 10 minutes to go, so I stuck to 185W like glue the rest of the way.  So, the lactate is probably more in line with 185W than the average shown here.

20′, Avg Power: 187.3W,  AvgHR: 147.1, Lactate: 1.6mmol/l

Then into the real workout.  I was feeling a bit uncomfortable since I forgot my seat pad at home. Now that I am doing a better job at rocking my hips over on recovery, I have a very annoying, and sometime painful bump as I rotate over my sitz bones.  The pad takes care of it well, but without the pad it is like walking with a pebble in your shoe.

Nevertheless, there were intervals to be done and I was just the guy to do them.  My general strategy in these long intervals is to count strokes the strokes in each 1000m portion of the interval.  Off slides, this is usually just under 100 strokes.  On slides, my distance per stroke is a bit under 10, and the number of strokes per 1000m is usually between 104 and 110, depending on pace and fatigue.

The first interval went just fine.  Start fast, bleed off pace during the first 500m, then try to hold 1:48 through the next 500m, allow things to drift to 1:49 during the middle 1000m, and then try to pull it back a touch during the last 1000m.  I felt OK, but my HR was a bit higher than I would have hoped.

I did a slow 750m during the 5 minute rest, had a drink and setup for the 2500m.  This was really hard.  I was deeply into the red by halfway through and I was rowing with my eyes closed and trying to hang on to 1:49s. My average had climbed up to about 1:48.3 or 4.  Then I lucked out.  With less than 1000m to go, Seven Nations Army, by the White Stripes started up in my head phones.  Turns out, the beat is nearly perfect for about 30 or 31 SPM.  By hitting the down beats hard, I started pulling 1:47s, then 1:46s.  The average pace clicked over from 1:48.0 to 1:47.9 just as I was pulling my last stroke.

The 750 during the rest felt very short and I was not looking forward to the 2K.  Turns out it went fine.  No crisis.  HR was pretty much railed with 1 or 2 beats of my MaxHR, but I was able to stick to 1:48s through the middle 1000m, and push a little bit harder in the last 500m to get a faster last.

Avg pace; 1:47.8 –  Happy with that.

Last year, I did this one at an avg pace of 1:46.4, so I have a ways to go before I am back to that kind of shape.

2015-04-01_9-05-57 2015-04-01_8-58-03

Tomorrow:  4×20/1′ Steady state – 185W

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