Farewell Korea: 8 x (4:30@18, 0:30@30+)/30″

I had a pretty easy day yesterday.  I had a lunch meeting, some internal meetings in the afternoon, and then a dinner with a customer.  I was back at the hotel around 10.

I slept pretty fitfully and I was up around 5:30.  I had a conference call from 6 to 8 and then I headed for the gym.

The plan:

  • 8×5’/30″ rest
  • 4:30 – Cat VI (r18, 2:05)
  • 0:30 – Cat II (r30+, 1:45-)
  • The focus was to try to keep my stroke short and snappy when I rated up.  Try to keep the sequence right on recovery, even when I am pounding it out at high rate.

I love this workout.  It’s short, but the 30 second sprints add a bit of sting.  The Cat VI rowing is slow enough so that I recover well in the first half, but the fatigue starts to pile up in the second and even the slow bits feel like a lot more work.

          Workout Summary - media/20180202-0000330o.csv
Workout Details

That works out to this summary

  • Cat VI: 2:04.6, r17.9, 181W
  • Cat II: 1:35.8, r33.5, 397W

The fast bits felt great today.  I have been struggling to get the rate up previously, but today something clicked and I was able to really snap back on the recovery and take light strokes.  Now, I don’t know how long I could hold that kind of rate and pace, but it was a blast for 15 to 20 strokes.

I’m waiting to board my first flight to Hong Kong, then change planes for the rest of the ride back to Boston.  I get in around 8:55pm local time.  All together from hotel in Korea to home, it’s about 26 hours of travel time.  Blechh.

The training schedule has my hardest session of the week on Saturday.  I think I will probably swap it around and do Sunday’s Cat VI row then.  That will let me the kinks out before I dig deep on Sunday.




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