Saturday: Peak Power Test

Friday:  I slept in.  I needed the sleep.  Rest Day

Saturday:  Down on the Cape.  Time to start the RoyleRow fitness tests.

Day 1: 10-Second Peak Power Test:

Peak Power is measured with a 10s erg test. On a CII set the drag factor to 200. The high drag factor is necessary to provide adequate resistance so that you can hit a true peak power. Lower drag factors do not provide enough resistance and you will get lower peak power numbers. Warm up by paddling easy for 5-10 minutes. At the end of your warm up come to a full stop and let the fly wheel stop. Set your monitor so that you can see the watts for each stroke. From a stop row as hard and as fast as possible for 10 seconds, recording the highest power you see on any stroke. There is no rate cap but you must row as close to full slide as possible right from the first stroke, do not use a racing start. Rest for 3-5 minutes and repeat again. There is a slight learning effect when you first do this test so you might want to do it 2-3 times to get a true peak power score.

I started with a Fletcher warmup.


          Workout Summary - media/20171028-1410300o.csv
Workout Details

That was invigorating.  No on to the main event.  I set the damper on 10, which yieldeda DF of 196.  I guess I should clean out my machine.  The PM5 has a minimum interval time of 20 seconds.  So I set up for 20 second intervals with 3 minute rests.  Then I would row the first 10 seconds of the interval hard and then paddle it out.

I exported the CSV to go look for the peak power.  It was in the fourth interval, 721W.  I rowed at about 44 spm, peaking up above 45.

Then I did a 2K cool down, which didn’t record right on painsled for some reason.

Tomorrow:  75′ aerobic threshold test.

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