Steady State on a foggy morning

Pitch black and foggy when we launched.  It was chilly, in the mid-40s and the wind was light and variable.

The plan:

  • Steady state
    • R20
  • HR limit: 155
  • Maybe work in some SBR

I was using Bob’s Peinert again, and Joe and Kelsey were in the double.  They launched a few minutes before me and disappeared into the mist going south.

I launched and the fog seemed to close in around me.  I suddenly felt a very strong desire to row with someone else.  Part of me wanted to just drop the hammer and catch up with them, but I also wanted to keep the intensity set to low today, so I held the rate at 20 or below.  The visibility improved and declined as I rowed down lake, and as I went I found that I was feeling really good in the boat.  I was set well, and my catches and finishes were nice and clean.  I never caught up with them, but I seemed to close the gap a bit by  the time we hit the south end of the lake.

They were nice enough to wait for me, and we set off going north side by side.  The plan was to turn south at the bridge because the fog looked a lot worse at the north end of the lake.  We next to each other almost all the way up to the narrows, when I pushed the pace a bit to go through ahead of them.  After that, they slowed down a bit and I kept the pace up.  I waited for them at the bridge and we made the decision to continue north because the fog was clearing a bit.

The rest of the way to the north end of the lake was really nice rowing.  There was a bit of headwind, and it was blowing the mist in tendrils past us as we went.  When I looked across to Joe and Kelsey, it was an impressive sight.  The mist blowing past them made it look like they were going extremely fast.  I wish I had a camera and a free hand!

I was rowing along nice and easy, and I noticed that they were starting to pull ahead of me.  So, I upped the pressure to stay next to them.  Then they pushed it further, and I upped the rate by a stroke or two.  I found out later that Joe decided that I needed a bit more work in this workout so they pushed me harder.  That’s the pace and HR bump in the last half of the 3rd piece.

After we got to the north end, we turned to go home and I did alternating chunks of steady state and SBR.  Then when I got to the dock, I did a minute at a little higher than head race pace and rate, to try to apply the technique work I did to full pressure strokes.



Workout Summary - media/20171003-130528-Greg Smith 20171003 0541amo.csv
Workout Details

Tomorrow:  I fly out to California first thing in the morning.  I am hoping to do a cross training session Wednesday night at the hotel.  Thursday, I’ll be flying home and I’ll take a rest day.  Friday, I hope to do a 5×1500 on the water.