Monday: 14K Steady State

Sunday:  A much needed rest day.  I had rowed the 7 previous days and put in some serious volume (88K on the water and 20K on the erg).  On Saturday, after my tough threshold session, we went out to Listen to The Boston Symphony Orchestra in Tanglewood.  We got home about 1 in the morning.

Back at it this morning!

Weather:  Beautiful.  Sunny and Cool, around 60f.  Dry.  Very light wind just rippling the water, from the northwest, which is basically a crosswind.


  • warmup to the little island
  • 4 x 2800m
  • brief rest to just turn around the boat.  Less than a minute
  • rate: 20 spm
  • pace: <2:30
  • heart rate: cap at 150

What a difference flat water makes.  On Saturday, my average pace was 2:22.7 at 24spm and with an average HR of 165.  Today, my pace was 0.4 sec slower at 2:23.1, but at a stroke rate of 20spm and an average HR of 147!

The main difference was the wind and waves, but there is also a loss in efficiency as my stroke rate goes up.  I need to keep at the threshold sessions to improve my technique at head racing stroke rates.

Tomorrow:  4 x 2700m / 4′ rest, pace ~2:15, rate: 26


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