Wednesday: 13K LIT Technique

Weather:   cool and misty.  Around 60F, quite foggy at the start, but cleared up as I went along.  Light wind <2mph, seemingly from every direction of the compass.


  • 2′ Square Blades
  • 2′ alternating square and feathered by stroke
  • 2′ feathered – r20
  • Objectives:  clean finishes, balance during recovery (blades high!), full compression at the catch
  • HR guideline:  Top of UT1 (155), maximize time in UT2 (137-143)

This was a nice relaxed session.  Good balance and some very nice strokes.

75′ LIT

Tomorrow:  4 x 2700 / 4′ rest @ r24, pace target <2:20, HR limit 170

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