A whole boat load of 1′ intervals

Cloudy, calm, upper 50s.  A little bit of a wind from the south picked up while I was rowing.  About 3-4 mph by the tie we finished.

I was out in Worcester on Lake Quinsigamond with my clubmates today.  We had 10 of us.  We boated 2 quads and two singles.  I had cartopped my wonderful, repaired fluid.

Last night I stopped at the hardware store on the way home and picked up some silicone sealant.  I repaired the small leak behind the fin in the parking lot, and then continued my drive home.  Today, the repair was set and there was no water in the stern when I finished.  Tick that item off the list.

The plan was for 1′ intervals.

  • 6 x 1′ on / 1′ off
  • 4 sets with 5′ rest or so between sets
  • Target pace: 2:00
  • Target rate: 30 spm
  • Technique Objective:  Smooth recovery, good catches, smooth acceleration, early finish.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 4.03.05 PM

We were on the water around 7:30 and the lake was beautifully flat.  I did about 2000m of warming up going down lake and then set off on my first set.  In the fourth interval I was waked by a waterskiing boat, but nothing too serious, it just made me miss a coulpe strokes.  The fifth interval took me all the way down to the south end of the lake, so I had to spin and come back north to finish the first set.  I then spun again and hung around until every one was down in the cove and ready to head north.

By the time I finished the 5th interval of the second set, I had just passed the narrows going north.  During the rest between the 5th and 6th interval, I was passed at close range by another waterskiing boat.  I paused the timer during the rest to let the wake pass me before I started the sixth, but I was working from a standing start and the water was still pretty messed up.

I was feeling some fatigue by this point and I paddled the 4′ rest pretty slowly continuing north.  The first interval of the 3rd set brought me under the route 9 bridge.  The next 5 intervals brought be all the way up to the Donahue Rowing Center.  I finished my last interval in front of their docks with a number of people standing there watching the old guy gasping past at 30 spm.  I tried to look as debonair as possible.

I paddle up to the north cove of the lake and spun around.  After we had reassembled, I took off back home.  There was another single that took off when I did, but he didn’t take the bait and turned into the DRC docks.  My legs were pretty much done, so I let the rate sag a bit.  I was waked again in the 4th interval, but I tried to make a good finish in the last 2.  This brought me just past our docks, so I spun and went back in without much of a cool down.  I crawled out of the boat.  34 minutes in the TR zone.

myimage (11)

myimage (12)

It would be nice if I was faster, but it I felt more comfortable at r30 than I expected.  It would also be nice if I had my speedcoach.  The pace lag on short intervals is awful on CrewNerd.  If I don’t have my impeller mounted by next weekend, I might risk using the Dual GPS dongle to make it a bit better.

Workout Summary - media/20160611-215914-2016-06-11-0727.CSV
Workout Details
01|01845| 10:38 |02:52.9|19.9|135.0|162.0|08.7
02|00252| 01:00 |01:57.5|30.4|160.0|169.0|08.4
03|00253| 01:00 |01:58.6|31.0|164.0|171.0|08.2
04|00252| 01:00 |01:58.6|30.1|165.0|172.0|08.4
05|00239| 01:00 |02:05.2|30.1|165.0|173.0|08.0
06|00252| 01:00 |01:58.7|29.1|169.0|176.0|08.7
07|00249| 01:00 |02:00.0|30.1|172.0|178.0|08.3
08|00602| 04:27 |03:41.9|20.2|133.0|162.0|06.7
09|00243| 01:00 |02:03.2|29.0|158.0|168.0|08.4
10|00256| 01:00 |01:57.1|31.0|168.0|175.0|08.3
11|00247| 01:00 |02:01.3|30.1|169.0|175.0|08.2
12|00239| 01:00 |02:04.9|30.2|171.0|176.0|08.0
13|00244| 01:00 |02:02.1|30.3|171.0|177.0|08.1
14|00237| 01:00 |02:04.9|30.4|162.0|171.0|07.9
15|00528| 03:23 |03:12.8|20.3|142.0|164.0|07.7
16|00242| 01:00 |02:02.1|31.5|159.0|170.0|07.8
17|00248| 01:00 |02:01.1|30.0|169.0|175.0|08.3
18|00248| 01:00 |02:00.7|30.1|170.0|175.0|08.3
19|00236| 01:00 |02:06.6|29.1|166.0|172.0|08.1
20|00245| 01:00 |02:01.9|30.2|166.0|174.0|08.2
21|00240| 01:00 |02:03.9|29.2|168.0|174.0|08.3
22|00563| 03:51 |03:22.0|18.7|144.0|165.0|07.9
23|00238| 01:00 |02:04.6|31.4|158.0|167.0|07.7
24|00236| 01:00 |02:05.5|30.4|166.0|170.0|07.9
25|00231| 01:00 |02:10.0|28.0|163.0|168.0|08.2
26|00224| 01:00 |02:13.7|29.0|160.0|170.0|07.7
27|00233| 01:00 |02:08.5|29.1|164.0|172.0|08.0
28|00233| 01:00 |02:08.4|30.1|167.0|174.0|07.8
29|00165| 01:53 |05:35.9|14.6|127.0|131.0|06.1

All Intervals
   05817| 24:00 |02:03.8|29.8|

Tomorrow:  4 x 20’/1′ rest on the erg, nice and easy.

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