Friday: 3 x 20’/1′ rest – L4 (better)

A little sore form yesterday and I was worried that it could be another miserable session.  Decided before I started to make it 3×20 instead of 4×20 because I have strenuous plans for tomorrow and I was a bit pressed for time today.

1-15Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 8.53.36 AM2016-01-15 08.15.38

Tomorrow:  Plan calls for a hard 5K.  But since I did that last weekend, I think I will substitute a 30 minute piece.  I might have a shot at a PB.  My current PB is 8266.   If I put my recent 5K and 60 minute results with the very handy Free Spirits Pace Predictor it says that I should be able to do 8272m for 30 minutes, a whopping 6 meter improvement.  Since these rows are harrowingly hard, it is really good to have something more tangible to shoot for.


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