Saturday: 5.4km Threshold Piece

Sunny, cool ~ 60F, wind from the NE about 8mph with gusts to 10.  This was a head wind for the main piece.  It also kicked up a bit of chop, especially at the south end of long fetches.  The only parts where the water was pretty good was directly south of the narrows, the 250m of so south of the rt 9 bridge, and then the last 500m or so before the rt 290 bridge.  There was still a head wind, but at least the water was flat.


The plan was a hard 5.5km at 26 spm.  I was torn between doing the piece with a tail wind or a head wind.  I asked the other folks which way they wanted to go and they all wanted to go south first.  Head wind, then.

I took it easy during the warm up, started with a pick drill, including some legs only.  This was pretty important to get used to the feel of the club boat I was using.  Then just easy steady state with 2 1′ minute chunks at r26 and full pressure.

I turned and psyched myself up.  I knew that my pace would be slow with the chop and the head wind, but I wasn’t sure how slow.  I decided to try to keep my HR around 170 until I had less than 1000m left and then crank it up.  I also wanted to try to focus on keeping the rate up at 26.  I tend to slow the rate down in a head wind.  I guess the pace was less important to me than trying to manage the conditions.

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 6.40.00 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 6.39.42 PM

|Dist_|Time_|_Pace__|_SPM__|avg HR|max HR|DPS_|Remarks
|00253|05:31|10:54.0| 23.0 | 096 | 106 |02.0|drills
|03302|17:08|02:35.7| 20.2 | 141 | 162 |09.5|warm up
|00193|04:29|11:35.3| 19.7 | 108 | 135 |02.2|rest
|05388|27:31|02:33.2| 26.3 | 170 | 180 |07.4|5.4km Threshold (head wind)
|01359|12:41|04:40.0| 21.9 | 134 | 179 |04.9|rest
|01819|09:54|02:43.3| 23.0 | 154 | 166 |08.0|feet out

5388_____|_27:31____|_2:33.2_|_170_|_26.3_|_7.4_|_Main set
1819_____|_09:54____|_2:43.3_|_154_|_23.0_|_8.0_|_Cool down
1552_____|_17:10____|_5:31.8_|_127_|_21.3_|_4.2_|_rest meters

So, it was pretty damn slow.  2:33 pace.  Based on the biorow graphs, I guess that’s about a 2:15 with no wind.  It sure was hard work, and it took a long time!  I’m not happy with the pace, but it was good practice and I hit the right training zone.

After I finished, I tooled around a bit until the other boats got up to the end of the lake.  Then I popped my feet out of my shoes and started to head back to the boat house with the tail wind.

As I passed back out under the rt 290 bridge, 2 singles started a rate limited piece right behind me and one of them was gaining.  He was rowing about r24 or so, I matched his rate and started to push the pace a bit to keep ahead of him.  This went on for most of the way back to the dock until they stopped and turned around.  I guess I really don’t like getting passed.

Tomorrow:  Off to Tanglewood for the day.  No training.

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