Thursday: 8×4′ / 1′ rest on the erg

I didn’t get to bed until late, and then decided to sleep in instead of getting up at 5:15.  I think it was a good call.

My schedule freed up around 3 so I snuck down to the gym to try to do a version of my planned workout.

The original OTW plan was:

  1. 8 x 1000 / 2′ rest
  2. rate: 24,24,26,26,28,28,30,30
  3. pace:  start around 2:20 and get faster.

The new plan for the erg (on slides) was

  1. 8 x 4′ / 1′ rest (It takes me 4:00 to 4:30 to row 1K on the water, so this was a bit more like what I would have done.  The 1′ rest is preferred for the training effect, but I can’t turn my boat that fast on the water and get set for the next ones.  On the erg, that’s not an issue.)
  2. rate:  Same as above
  3. Pace: start around 1:54 for r24, and get about 2 sec faster for each rate change.

4 min data 4 min intervals

That was HARD!

I was pressed for time, so I did a very quick 1K warm up.  I found that I could hold 1:52 for the r24s.  This turned out to be a mistake because I was unable to push the last 2 intervals as hard as I wanted.  I ended up doing 24,24,26,26,28,28 (a little slower), then I did 26 and then 24 for more of a soft landing than a big finish.  You can see from the HR data that I couldn’t have really pushed the last two much harder.  I was very happy to be finished.

So, good training effect, good job slowing down, but not breaking form.  Marks off for going too hard in the first couple intervals.

Most important news of the day.  I just heard that I won the lottery!  My bid for a entry in the 2015 Head of the Charles was selected!  I will be joining 59 other “Grand Masters” racing down the Charles in October.

Now I have a real reason to execute my training plan perfectly!

Tomorrow:  Low Intensity steady state and technique work.

3 thoughts on “Thursday: 8×4′ / 1′ rest on the erg

  1. Boris says:

    “Although I think to replicate the OTW experience you should have turned the erg after each interval. I would love to see the faces of the gym dwellers if you did that.” 😂😂😂


  2. stelph82 says:

    Great news, will hopefully see you there then! Also confirmed my entry for the Masters event (MasA here in the UK) and although I was a guaranteed entry from the finishing time last year I was worried I had done something wrong with the entry and might miss out!

    Personally am back from holiday now and ready to start the 10 week training countdown next week (doesnt seem long when put like that!)

    Liked by 1 person

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