Sunday: 4 x 20′ L4 on the erg – tired

I was going to row this morning.  But we went to the airport last night to pick up my son around midnight and I didn’t get to sleep until about 1AM.  I decided that sleep was a better choice, so I took my name off the signup list, turned off the alarm, and slept until 9:15 this morning.

After I got up, I decided to just do an easy session on the erg.  At least I thought it would be easy, and it was easy for the first half.  Then the heat, humidity and boredom got to me.

I started the third 20′.  After about a minute, I just kind of wanted to stop, so I did.  I had another drink of water, and toweled off my face and hands.  Then I got back to work and finished the 10′ stroke sequence.  After the last minute at 22spm and 220W, I felt like stopping again, so I grabbed a quick drink of water, and the I just paddled for a while.  Over the next 7 minutes, I slowly increased the stroke power and decreased the stroke rate until the last 3 minutes when I pulled 16spm on target at 160W.

For the last 20′, I turned down the intensity and just alternated 2′ at 16 and 2′ at 18 for the rest of the piece.  Even so, with the heat, my HR kept creeping up and I felt like I was really fading.  There was a huge puddle under the erg afterwards, so I must have been working.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 9.28.57 PM Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 9.28.38 PM

Workout Summary – Jul 19, 2015
–_|_18771_|_80:00.0_|_02:07.9_|_167.5_|_17.5_|_136.3_|_ 65.4% _|_13.4_|_09.6
Workout Details

01_|_02413_|_10:00.0_|_02:04.3_|_182.2_|_18.1_|_121.2_|_ 54.8% _|_13.3_|_10.1
02_|_02419_|_10:00.0_|_02:04.0_|_183.6_|_17.9_|_132.8_|_ 63.0% _|_13.5_|_10.3
04_|_02402_|_09:57.0_|_02:04.2_|_182.5_|_18.2_|_132.2_|_ 62.5% _|_13.3_|_10.0
05_|_02416_|_10:00.0_|_02:04.2_|_182.7_|_18.2_|_143.6_|_ 70.7% _|_13.3_|_10.0
07_|_02174_|_09:57.0_|_02:17.3_|_135.2_|_16.5_|_137.9_|_ 66.6% _|_13.3_|_08.2
08_|_02182_|_10:00.0_|_02:17.5_|_134.6_|_16.8_|_131.1_|_ 61.8% _|_13.0_|_08.0
10_|_02346_|_09:57.0_|_02:07.2_|_170.0_|_17.0_|_140.3_|_ 68.3% _|_13.9_|_10.0
11_|_02381_|_10:00.0_|_02:06.0_|_175.0_|_17.2_|_151.7_|_ 76.4% _|_13.8_|_10.2

Tomorrow:  Head Race Training begins!  Monday is steady state rate ladders

Rate Ladders: 4 x (1000 @ 18, 1000 @ 20, 500 @ 22, 250 @ 24) / 2′ rest

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